Our playerbase is growing!

Created on 29 January 2012 Written by Taran

Last night we peaked at 63 players online and the last week we have had a stable playerbase of 45-50 clients online at all times. This is great news and means we are growing more and more every day. I recently purchased a "Site of the moment" spot at Top200 for donation money which will most likely mean even more new players joining. Click the Top200 vote button on the right to see how it looks.

I want to thank everyone who is contributing to our shard by helping out new players and donating. Without you we would have a very tough time getting new players to stay. And by donating you will help us market Imagine Nation since we can advertise like on Top200.

So keep up the good work and get more of your friends starting playing here on Imagine Nation!


Promo Video by Mystic Edge

Created on 01 November 2011 Written by Taran
Mystic Edge has created an awesome promotional video for our server!
Old players will enjoy the history lesson and new players can see how awesome the new shard is.

Twice as fast skillgain during Halloween!

Created on 22 October 2011 Written by Taran

Since the last skillgain boost was such a success (we almost doubled our playerbase) we decided to have another skillgain boost during Halloween.
The skill gain bonus will begin Sunday 8pm GMT+1 and end Tuesday 8pm GMT+1 so tell all your friends! An e-mail will be sent out again to everyone who either plays here or played on IN:R or IN:X.

Below is a list of all the skills and how much less time they will take to GM. The values are the same as last 


Alchemy 10%   Cartography 25%   Magery 50%   Tinkering 10%
Anatomy 50%   Cooking 10%   Magic Resist 50%   Tracking 50%
Animal Lore 50%   Detect Hidden 50%   Tactics 50%   Veterinary 25%
Item ID 50%   Eval Int 50%   Snooping 25%   Swords 50%
ArmsLore 50%   Healing 50%   Musicianship 25%   Macing 50%
Parrying 50%   Fishing 25%   Poisoning 25%   Fencing 50%
Begging 25%   Forensics 50%   Archery 50%   Wrestling 50%
Blacksmithing 10%   Herding 25%   Spirit Speak 50%   Lumberjacking 10%
Fletching 10%   Hiding 50%   Stealing 25%   Mining 10%
Peacemaking 25%   Provocation 25%   Tailoring 10%   Meditation 50%
Camping 50%   Inscription 10%   Animal Taming 10%   Stealth 25%
Carpentry 10%   Lockpicking 25%   Taste ID 50%   Remove Trap 25%



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