100 players!!

Created on 10 February 2012 Written by Taran

We did it!! Today we had over 100 logged in players! I was pretty sure we would get 100 players online but I didn't think we would actually manage it this weekend. You're all great guys and I hope everyone will stick around! We're here for the long run!

As promised I will extend the skillgain bonus weekend to next week, meaning all skills will be easier to train the whole next week! So spread the word to everyone, now is a perfect time to join! The skillgain week will end early Monday morning server time (6am = midnight EST)

100 online!

Britain bank, oh the memories! Long live Imagine Nation!


Lonely Hearts Weekend (skillboost)

Created on 06 February 2012 Written by Taran

Valentine's Day is coming up and we thought we would also do something nice for all the singles out there. Starting Friday 10th at 8pm server time GMT+1/UTC+1 (2pm EST) and ending on Monday 13th 6am server time (midnight EST) skills will be up to twice as fast to train!  Let's try get 100 players online! I've promised that when we hit 100 players all active players will get something special and we will have a whole skillgain week!

Below is a list on how much less time skills will take to GM. An email will also be sent out to everyone.


Alchemy 10%   Cartography 25%   Magery 50%   Tinkering 10%
Anatomy 50%   Cooking 10%   Magic Resist 50%   Tracking 50%
Animal Lore 50%   Detect Hidden 50%   Tactics 50%   Veterinary 25%
Item ID 50%   Eval Int 50%   Snooping 25%   Swords 50%
ArmsLore 50%   Healing 50%   Musicianship 25%   Macing 50%
Parrying 50%   Fishing 25%   Poisoning 25%   Fencing 50%
Begging 25%   Forensics 50%   Archery 50%   Wrestling 50%
Blacksmithing 10%   Herding 25%   Spirit Speak 50%   Lumberjacking 10%
Fletching 10%   Hiding 50%   Stealing 25%   Mining 10%
Peacemaking 25%   Provocation 25%   Tailoring 10%   Meditation 50%
Camping 50%   Inscription 10%   Animal Taming 10%   Stealth 25%
Carpentry 10%   Lockpicking 25%   Taste ID 50%   Remove Trap 25%



Valentines Day Petal Hunt

Created on 02 February 2012 Written by Eru

Happy Valentines Day, everyone!

To have some fun with it, I've added a Valentines Day event vendor to the Festival Grounds*, and starting now, you can find Roses of Trinsic spawning in and around Trinsic.  Find these and pick their petals as they are what will be used to buy rewards! Other events offering petals will be offered as well in the coming weeks up until Valentine's Day.

*Festival Grounds are between the Britain Bank and the Golden Casino.  PVP is enabled, but most damaging and negative spells are suppressed.


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